Consumer knowledge and confidence and the design of your Investment Proposition

The charts below are extracts from our study of consumers’ knowledge and confidence to invest without advice. We think there are some important strategic and proposition design issues emanating from the work.


selvs act know


Chart one shows the self-perceived level of understanding of key investment products. Participants were then tested to gauge their real level of understanding. The actual knowledge GAP IS HUGE.



robo likelihood


Chart two shows consumers’ likelihood to use a robo-advice service by age for investing, retirement savings and at retirement decisions. The results provoke a number of challenges and opportunities.

All charts are also available for a range of products including retirement saving, drawdown, annuity, protection, motor and household.


The full report

We have produced a comprehensive 24 page report, which includes detailed analysis of the above issues and more;

  • 16 data charts derived from the 21 question set in the research. Behind this we can supply 95 data worksheets for more detailed analysis.
  • Analysis of who buys direct, for which products and the preferred methods used.
  • Profiling of segments who are knowledgeable and confident vs. those that aren’t.
  • Deeper analysis of the challenges around delivering robo-advice. This includes barriers to uptake and preferences for where consumers would be likely to access the service.
  • Our thinking on some of the key proposition design implications.
  • A detailed consideration of different digital tactics to improve self-directed confidence and decision making.
  • In addition, from an interview with Dr Greg Davies, founder of new decision science consultancy, Centapse, we include his perspective on the relevance of behavioural science in today’s financial services sector. Going forward, we are delighted to have Greg contribute his expertise to the strategy and proposition design services we bring to our clients.


If you would like to order a copy of the full report*, then please click on this link, which takes you to the bakehouse website request form. We will then be in touch to arrange a meeting. Alternatively, if you’d like to discuss the report now, please call Nick Baker on 07775516253.


* The report is available for £3,500 plus VAT. This includes all 95 data charts and a presentation meeting to discuss the key issues arising. We are offering our first 10 subscribers a £1,000 discount, so please contact us now.