Retirement had fundamentally changed

Our research and insight showed a remarkable shift in the pattern of retirement. Gone were the days of retiring on a set birthday, receiving your gold watch and a defined benefit pension for life! No, people were starting to use their later years to do new things. We found that more people were starting their own businesses, having career gap years, getting remarried and having second families, as well as down-sizing careers. Our creative platform needed to reflect this and be relevant to the new proposition.

The new realities of retirement needed new choices of product solution

AXA’s new retirement offering was perfect for this new world. We coined the phrase new realities….new choices. The pension platform covered all angles, and we demonstrated how it accomodates the way modern mature people were living their lives. We delivered a complete range of materials, taking the concept through adviser and customer facing literature to very demanding deadlines.

Bringing a new retirement product to market demanded a brand new approach to communicating the proposition. bakehouse completed its own research to identify that retirement thinking in the minds of consumers had fundamentallychanged. This was the driving force to the way we developed our creative solution.

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