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Exploring the brand purpose

Utilising the bakehouse Lab, we collaborated with senior practitioner teams across the EMIEA region. We developed a workbook for the team to use to prepare for, and contribute to, a variety of innovation sessions. The main objective involved discovering the ‘why’ for the FIDS practise. The ‘WHY’ then drove the thinking for our creative communications platform – ‘intelligent connections’.

Delivering the tools

We mapped the sales process to define the essential tools required to inform, persuade and secure a client engagement. This included material for face to face use, presentations, events, digital and campaigns. The work gained an overwhelmingly positive approval from very demanding partners across all the EMEIA territories.

With a team of 4,800 practitioners across the EMIEA region, the EY FIDS practice needed to create a unique and consistent story for its offering. Bakehouse helped define a new core brand purpose evidenced via a comprehensive sales toolkit.

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