A plan for success

We joined the project team to help define the range of content required for the Intermediary site. During the early stages, we helped map user mindsets, their goals and objectives, in order to define site content and functionality. We identified different user types, from advisers to paraplanners and administrators, as well as journeys defined by current relationship with Zurich. We delivered a comprehensive site map and content specification. We auditedĀ  existing content to define what needed to be migrated. We helped define the style and tone of voice of the site by providing a range of copy styles. Our detailed planning during this stage helped ensure the success of the project.

Agile working works well

This was Zurich’s first agile development project. Working on site with the team, we delivered content and advised on template population in real time. We developed a new approach to content delivery, by writing copy into actual page designs to strict word counts we avoided overflow, and significantly reduced the amount of rewrites. During the development process, we conceived added value content ideas such as our medical evidence calculator. We designed and built this tool, which allows an Intermediary to enter multiple product details in order to get a summary of the financial and medical evidence required for a particular client. This saves significant time compared to reading the 50 page PDF guide. In total we wrote content for over 150 pages for the site, delivered on time and to agreed budgets.

When Zurich needed to develop new customer and Intermediary websites, we were asked to help shape the digital strategy during the planning phase. Our recommendations were accepted, and then our remit was to help develop the new Intermediary site.

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