The LabWe believe collaboration in the creative process delivers better results. That’s why we developed The Lab – our online tool where teams help build great ideas together, wherever they are, whenever they want to. Using visual tools, you can start ideas, build on others and reflect on the direction as we move forward through the 3 Lab stages; Explore, Develop and Refine.





Based around the brief, we encourage ‘absurd thinking’ to generate a very wide range of ideas. Everyone is contributing, its anonymous and we encourage the team as we look for the nuggets which lead us into new directions.


We then agree a shortlist of candidate directions and build them on – looking for the winning image and the killer message. We’ll test with you, and then agree the best ideas to promote to be refined.


This is where we develop the big ideas into near finished concepts. As we go forward, you’ll be reflecting as we steer to the final delivery.